Rubbens – almost a century of established value

In 1919 blacksmith Maurice Rubbens started with the production of stoves.  Over time, the focus was shifted to the production of professional kitchen appliances such as stoves, ovens, counter fryers, boilers and many other professional kitchen equipment. Rubbens equipment is especially famous for its high-quality performance and reliability. Many chefs around the world cook with our equipment daily! Our high quality professional equipment can also be found worldwide in countless restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, hospitals and more. Also in the frying world, Rubbens is not unknown.Our high quality counter fryers can be found throughout Belgium, and worldwide we have built a beautiful, reliable name.

Our history: from blacksmith to manufacturer of industrial kitchens

For almost 100 years, Rubbens has been well known in the hospitality and institutional kitchens industry. A long history that began in 1919 when Maurice Rubbens started with the production of stoves. Within a few years he expanded the production with his son Jos. Together, they stared with the production of ovens, counter fryers, boilers and many other kitchen equipment. In 2013 the family company Rubbens was acquired by the Hakvoort family. 450.000 parts and the production of kitchen equipment were moved from Stavelot (Belgium) to Emmeloord in the Netherlands. Rubbens was continued under the flag of the Hakto Group. Anno 2017, Rubbens provides customers with professional kitchen equipment in more than 50 countries. From a small cafeteria in Italy to complete kitchens at the world’s largest airports, such as Singapore, Dubai and Qatar. Rubbens equipment is indispensable from the industrial kitchens industry.



Anno 2017, we combine our many years of experience and knowledge with innovative and sustainable solutions. This way we produce kitchen equipment for the future. Hygiene and durability are the priority of our equipment through the use of high-grade stainless steel material.  Our production has shifted from loose equipment to modular equipment that is suitable for endless combinations by seamless integration.  In addition, we pay attention to the environment and produce energy efficient equipment with high efficiency. This can save up to 70% on energy costs. We take tomorrow’s world into account by sustainable entrepreneurship. We find it important to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and to provide made to measure kitchen solutions. Due to our many years of knowledge, we strive to bring our equipment to an even higher level everyday. That’s the reliable quality you can expect from Rubbens.

Then and now

Mission Statement

To develop innovative and sustainable kitchen solutions that provide maximum functionality and improve the working evironment

Vision Statement

Rubbens wants to be recognized by all players in the snack food, catering and institutional kitchens world as a top manufacturer and top brand for professional kitchen appliances