Professional frying solutions for the best result.

You deserve efficient equipment

Every day you are ready to delight your clients with tasty products and a swift service. You deserve an efficiënt deep fryer installation that will allow and support you to work efficiently and comfortably. It’s not a luxury. It’s a basic necessity for your business to run smoothly.Rubbens is familiar with the world of cafetarias, take aways and snackbars. We offer you a wide range of seamless workflow combinations. We provide you with an all inclusive solution that will suit your desired workflow to a tee.

You choose, we create

Rubbens developed two concepts with a variety of combination possibilities and options. In close consultation with you we adapt the chosen concept to your specific situation and needs. This way you get the deep fryer installation that seamlessy supports your workflow.


  • You choose the layout: round or square, small or large.
  • Numerous combination options possible
  • High-quality mounting elements
  • Electronic controls
  • Available in different colors
  • Produced in our own factory
  • We handle the whole process: from design to production and installation

Create your own Cubomatic

 This is how we create your fryer counter


We map your wishes and advise on the possible combinations


We will translate your wishes into the design


At our factory, the design comes to life. Your fryer counter gets shape


We install your baking wall in your company. Ready to fry!


After installation, our service will not stop. We are ready for maintenance and malfunctions 24/7

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