Frying pans

Frying pans

The Rubbens tiltable frying pans are made of stainless steel with a 15 mm thick bimetal bottom. The inside dimensions are suitable for 1/1 gastronorm inserts.

Each model of this series can be combined with cookers and cookware and even with fryers, grills, baking sheets and bain maries into one ergonomic whole.

The frying pan is suspended between columns and has an electrically driven tilting mechanism. The double-walled balanced lid ensures proper closing of the pan. The stainless steel base under the pillars ensures a particularly good hygienic flooring.

During the firing movement, the frying pan falls completely in front of the plinth. The control is done by a stepless energy switch and temperature limiter. The gas design is performed with electronic ignition and flame protection by ionization.

Standard version:

  • Electric machine
  • Energy regulator (gas or electric)
  • Gas: electric ignition and fire protection by ionization
  • Depth: 800 mm, 900 mm at gas output
  • Height workcounter: 900mm (excl. degassing chute)
  • Bottom in bimetal (12+3 mm)


  • Insertframe for GN
  • Custom topcover depth 900/1000/1100 mm
  • Mixertap 3 / 4 kW/Ww
  • Version 230 volt III
  • Main switch